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    Apart from how great the software is the customer service is on another level itself i have never had a company so professional that when i make a email request about a issue or feature within 5 min i get a call to solve the issue the gentlemen always goes the extra mile to make me happy. The software has changed my whole companies approach to repair business it was needed many many years ago. Massive thank you to the team and what great software you have made.

    Jamal Houssien Dr Dweeb - London
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    The software is very good and secure. They have amazing customer service and they are also very willing to add any functions or feature that your repairshop needs. I highly reccommend this software and the company behind it. I started looking arround for a new repairs shop CRM and booked a demo with MyGadgetRepairs. They took their time with me and answered all my questions plus giving me new ideas and advice. I told them all the changes i want before i start using MGR and in less then 2 weeks they was finnished adding everything. No doubt the best customer experience i have had! Highly reccommended.

    Svein Sivertsen Total Repairs AS - Norway
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    My gadget repairs is the best software out there for any cell phone or computer repair business hands down. With the easy-to-use interface that is just not even scratching the surface. the point-of-sale system has to be one of the best out there out of any point-of-sale system. The repair ticketing portion of the software can't be matched by anybody it is really that good. But there is even more. I came from *********** which had minimal integrations. they have an integration for absolutely everything and anything you need plus more.

    Lane Florea Lanes Network1 - USA
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    With very little effort our part, MyGadgetRepairs transformed our onsite computer repair business. Paperwork, job tracking and CRM are now consolidated in one easy to use location. The "Marketing Campaigns" component easily generates enough return business to cover the monthly cost.

    Terry Maskell Talking Mobile - Amersham
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    MyGadgetRepairs is a breath of fresh air. The UI makes sense, the price is reasonable, it's fast, and it covers everything we need. We ended up using MyGadgetRepairs for all invoicing and payments, since our lives are now inside MyGadgetRepairs and we couldn't be happier.

    Abbas A2B Mobiles - Reading
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    MyGadgetRepairs does everything we could possibly want it to, it's a complete solution and we are tremendously happy with it. Its cut down our lead processing from 20 minutes to less than 5, which alone saves us 25 hours a month...This software has transformed our business.

    Zeeshan Mobile Zone - Southall
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    I would HIGHLY recommend MyGadgetRepairs for really anyone. It's like a PSA without all the added junk and complexity. You're pretty much ready to go out of the box. Have to give it a try

    Zahid Mehmood Easy Links - Chesham
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    We were looking for a streamlined way to run our phone/computer repair store and get away from manual old school ways and eliminate the paper ticket trails we created. MyGadgetRepairs worked like a dream and brought us into the modern era!.

    Logan Rapid Repairs - Aylesbury
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    I have been using MyGadgetRepairs for almost 2 years now and it just keeps getting better. It makes managing all of my employees, work orders and customers a breeze. I highly recommend this product

    Ustaad Khurram Ideal Cell Zone - Singapore
  • Customer Testimonails

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