Connect MyGadgetRepairs with Apple GSX API (*integration in beta)

Engineered and developed by people who use GSX everyday - Build for AASPs by SSAs.
Apple GSX API and MyGadgetRepairs

Great news for AASP and SSA, MGR has the tools you need to manage your Apple Authorized Service Provider (AASP) or Self-servicing Account (SSA) in just one place.

We believe that Apple GSX integration will bring your business a unique advantage in terms of increased efficiency. It will allow you to optimize your Apple Authorized Service Provider's productivity considerably. No more Double Data Entry.

What is the GSX (Global Service Exchange)?

GSX stands for Global Service Exchange. GSX is Apple's REST API for repair and order management. GSX REST API is an interface that enables partners to integrate their applications with GSX. MGR gives you instantly access to the GSX interface for warranty and service parts lookups.

Free Up your valuable Time to Focus more on Your Customers and business growth.

Check warranty status

Provide a serial or IMEI and MGR will provide access to Apple's GSX API Interface for the warranty status and the parts that can be ordered for that asset.

GSX spare parts/purchase order automation

You can check the stock availability in realtime, automate the purchase order process, place the order and track the shipment.

Register AppleCare

Order/Register AppleCare, validate any existing AppleCare warranties and create escalation with the click of a button through MGR.

Send diagnostics to any Apple device

Run AST2 diagnostics straight from MGR. Select a diagnostic from the diagnostic suite and analyse the results. The result of every test is stored with the ticket automatically.

Manage every GSX repairs

Create Carry-In, Onsite Service and Mail-In repairs with incredible speed. MGR supports all types of repair including loaner, etc.

Print return labels

Register parts for return. You scan the part(s) and MGR will find the correct part(s) for you. Print the packing slip directly from the MGR via the logistics manager.

Service ANNOUNCEMENTS, News & Technical Documents

Read Apple's latest Service News and articles. Set the priority of service news and you will never miss an important announcement.

Update KGB/KBB serial number

Update KBB/KGB serial numbers and mark repairs as complete. Check if parts have been shipped or not.

Apple Calendar integration

Integrate MGR's lead module with Apple Calendar to speed up the process and sales pipeline. Every appointment will create a lead in MGR which then can be converted to a ticket when needed.

Ready to Get Started?

Integrate Apple GSX with MyGadgetRepairs today to stay connected with your accounts so you can see more, know more and do more.

How to get access to Apple's GSX API?

Apple's Self-Servicing Account (SSA) is designed for institutions and businesses, and Apple's Authorized Service Provider Program (AASP) is designed for companies interested in offering services to Apple customers. Both of these provide access to the GSX API.