System Update - May 2019 - Discover the latest updates to My Gadget Repairs

As always, our team’s core focus is to deliver a seamless experience for our users. We have been busy working on product improvements over the past month and wanted to share a few highlights.


  • -- Copy/Sync shop settings to another shop
    • Added a new option in copy shop settings to sync product attributes and options.
  • -- Public API 
    • We have updated our public API interface to added more endpoints along with some more parameters in endpoints. New endpoints have added in the API explorer as well. If you want to use the public API then don't forget to create an API key.
  • -- Show in stock, out of stock with estimate item line
    • We have added an option to show in stock or out of stock status with each item lines on the estimate. 
  • -- Open register required for refunds
    • This option is very useful, sometime staff does a refund without opening a register, this option will make it required to have an open register while doing a return.


We have introduced an add-on section where you can buy the additional add-on direct from MGR such as "Phone Unlock/ IMEI Unlock Service", "SMS Bundles", "Postcode Lookups", "Staff Training Sessions", "Paid Support" etc. All of these service will be in-house service so you don't need to go to a 3rd-party providers. You just add credit in the relevant add-on and use the credit when needed. In the future we will be adding new add-on.

  •  Phone Unlock / IMEI Unlock Service
    • Please buy the add-on credit first, then go to the actual ticket and click on "Phone Unlock Service", from the new window select the relevant service to proceed.
      • Unlock any Device from any Network
      • No factory resetting, modifying or jail breaking required.
      • Fast, safe, and easy, this method doesn’t void the iPhone’s warranty.
  • Staff Training Sessions
    • You can now buy the staff training sessions directly from the add-on section, the benefits to providing training for your staff are tenfold. For example, through providing your employees with the opportunity to go on training courses, you are investing in them. In turn, you are showing them that you value their place within the company. Employees that feel valued will return the investment in their quality of work and dedication to the company. As well as this, the better trained a team is, the more efficiently its members will carry out their workload.
  • Paid Support
    • Helping you navigate the complexity of today’s cloud environment to get the most out of your investment. We could help you to import you data from another provider to us or anything else you need help with. Paid Support means you can use your support blocks whenever suits you, and it’s gone once your blocks are used. Perfect for ensuring your organisation has Support when needed.


  • Add-on/ Bundles Tab
    • We have added a new tab in the "Tickets" interface where you can use your add-on against a ticket.
  • Sort your Saved Searches
    • We have added an option to sort your saved searches.
  • Sort your Ticket Statuses
    • We have added an option to sort your ticket statuses.​​​
  • Parent RMA
    • Option to search by the parent ticket of an RMA
  • Ticket Comments Status
    • You can now search in the ticket comments statuses too.


  • Stock Status
    • In stock or out of stock status with estimate item lines if enabled.

POS Interface:

  • Product Cross-selling / Upselling
    • When you add a product you can now see the cross-selling and upselling popup if there is any association.


  • Product Attributes
    • Just as we all have different characteristics as humans that makes us unique, so also does a product. Does that seem weird? Just think of your product’s attributes in terms of the features or properties that make your product what it is. Features like color, capacity, size, packaging, weight and any other thing that distinguishes your products with the exception of price.
      An attribute is a product variation. You can add multiple attributes to your products.
  • Product Cross-selling / Upselling
    • We have added the option to manage cross-selling and upselling with each product, cross-selling and upselling are one of the best ways to increase your average order value, and one of the most important metrics for your shop. For example, think about the phone case or the insurance that they always try to sell you whenever you buy an device. But it is not just about offering everything you can think about. The key for this system is to add value to the user by showing them that you truly know what they need. As any other marketing action , behind cross-selling there must be both planning and a strategy.
      • Differences between cross-selling and upselling
        • They are similar, but not the same. These two concepts are normally mixed up. However, it is important to clearly distinguish them.
          Cross-selling, as we have already seen, encourages clients to buy other related products that complement their purchase. However, upselling tries to make the client buy a different, more expensive version of the same product.
  • Create Estimates from product manager
    • You can now craete estimates directly from the product manager interface.

  • Option to search by "Cross-selling" and "Upselling" in the "Expand Search Form"

  • Option to search by "Product Attributes and Options" in the "Expand Search Form"


  • Add-on Usage Report
    • Allows you to track your add-on usage.

Thank you for being part of MGR that helps repair stores around the world succeed. Please follow us for inspiration, updates, feedback and more. Here's where to find us.



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