System Update - March 2019 - Discover the latest updates to My Gadget Repairs

System Update - March 2019 - Discover the latest updates to My Gadget Repairs

As always, our team’s core focus is to deliver a seamless experience for our users. We have been busy working on product improvements over the past month and wanted to share a few highlights.


  • -- Customer Purchase Disclaimer
    • Option to add Customer Purchase Disclaimer on the buyback receipts.
  • -- Customer Purchase Expense Category
    • Option to set the expense category related with custom purchases.
  • -- Enable Repair Diagnostic Email
    • Option to enable / disable the repair diagnostic email.
  • -- Loyalty/Rewards Program -  Enable Customer Credit
    • Enables the option to give customers credit either via the customer purchases or manually.
  • -- Loyalty/Rewards Program -  Add "My Rewards Summary" section on the customer purchase receipts
    • Allows you to print "Rewards Summary" on the customer purchase receipts.
  • -- Custom Field Section Collapsible
    • Enables Custom fields category collapsible or not, it make it easy if you have lots of custom fields within a section.
  • -- Custom Field Section Collapsible State
    • Default behavior of collapsible, open or close. Default value is Close.
  • -- Custom Field Section Alignment on Print 
    • Alignment of custom field section on the print outs.
  • -- Product Name Unique - Default is yes
    • By default all the product names are unique in the system, we have added an option to disable that, if your system buys and sells a lot then its recommended to disable that so you can add products with the same names.
  • -- Custom Fields (Products, Customer, Ticket)
    • Added a new custom field type called "Date/Time", if you want to collect time with the date then you need to use this one.

New Template

  • Customer Purchases Receipt
    • We have added a new template of the receipt of customer purchases.
  • Customer Token Receipt
    • We have added a new template of the customer tokens.

Shop Users:

  • Commission on customer purchases
    • You can now give you employee commission on customer purchases.
  • Commission Based on Devices
    • You are now able to give your staff commission based on models e.g..... Mac, iPad etc
  • Commission Multiplier for Devices
    • Commission multiplier is the value that multiply the commission. In most cases it will be x2. If wanted to give your staff double commission on Mac and iPad repairs then you set the models in "Commission Based on Devices" and set "Commission Multiplier for Devices" to x2.


  • You can now create "Insurance Documents" from the estimate interface too.


  • Bulk/Multiple Ticket Insert (without CSV import)
    • We have added an option to make it easier to create multiple tickets at once without the CSV file.
  • From the ticket import interface, we have added an option to download all the tickets data.
  • From the ticket import interface, we have added an option to download "Tickets in the pipeline" data.
  • You can now change the quantity of product type "Service", in the past it was set to 1.
  • Advance amount now has "Paying by" option so its added to the register properly, if register is not open then you can not add the advance amount to the ticket.
  • Save Ticket Search 
    • Added a new option called "Add this to Ticket Activity Boxes", which will add a new box in the ticket activity sesction and the saved query will be used to show the counter.

Customer Manager:

  • Customer Purchases / Buyback / Refurb / Trade-In - Module
    • Our Buy-back module offers a comprehensive solution for purchasing and managing Buy-backs. A simple process allows you to use an existing customer or create a new one, with selection of ID mandatory before a transaction can be generated. You also have access to the "Market Prices"  database so your staff can be more accurate when giving prices to the customer.

      Knowledgebase article
    • Customer Credit (Credit Points)
      • Customer credit allows you to assign credit points to a customer. The assigned credit points can be used by the customers for purchasing the store products. Its very handy when customer sells something and rather than cash you can add the credit points in their credit balance for later use. Credit can also be added via the "Customer Record". Please make sure that you have loyalty module enabled for this to work.
  • Customer Pre Paid Balance - Pre Paid Hours
    • Pre paid balance allows you to sell balance (which is equal to hours) to be applied on an invoice at a later date. Giving them credit balance gives them more control over the usability because it can be used on a ticket, labor, service, physical parts, pos item, gift cards etc. You can set up recurring billing for automation however you will need to make a manual payment. There is an option to carry over the balance too or you can expire not used balance after the given period. 

      Knowledgebase article
  • Manual Customer Credit
    • Added the option to credit customer some balance which can be used by the customers for purchasing the store products.
  • From the customer import interface, we have added an option to download all the customer data.

Ticket Invoices:

  • Added the option to refund serialized stock.

POS Sales:

  • Added the option to refund serialized stock.

Recurring Invoices:

  • We have added an option to set the recurring billing on "Prepaid - Hours / Credit".


  • Added the option to search by "Bought From".
  • From the product import interface, we have added an option to download all the product data.

Stock Manager

  • Added the option to search by serialized barcodes.


  • Changes in Staff Commission Report
    • We have added customer purchases commission in the report.
  • Customer Points
    • Add a new type called "Customer Credit".
  • Today's Sales / Monthly Sales
    • Added the amount of cash paid via the customer purchases in the expenses so it matches with the register.
    • Added "Total Sales (Ex. VAT)" and "Total Returns (Ex. VAT)" figures.
    • Added "Customer Base" and "Average Spend (Inc. VAT)" figures.
    • Added "Total POS Orders" and "Percentage" figures.
    • Added "POS Sales (Inc. VAT)" and "POS Sales (Ex. VAT) *" figures with their averages.
    • Added "Total Repairs" and "Percentage" figures.
    • Added "Repair Sales (Inc. VAT)" and "Repair Sales (Ex. VAT) *" figures with their averages
  • Stock Chart Report
    • We have added "Overall Stock (Ex. VAT)" graph on the report.
  • Trade-In Report
    • We have added new report called "Trade-In" report which will list all the customer purchases.
  • Commission Report
    • Added "View all Tickets" icon next to "Completed Jobs" and "Not Completed Jobs" figures.
    • Calculation to reflect "Commission Based on Devices" and "Commission Multiplier for Devices" has been added.

3rd-Party Integration:

  • Google Cloud Printing
    • Added Customer Purchase Receipt
    • Added Customer Token Receipt
  • Print Node Cloud Printing
    • Added Customer Purchase Receipt
    • Added Customer Token Receipt
  • Leads Widget
    • Added an option to set "Assign Leads To", so you can automatically assign the leads to a shop user.

Thank you for being part of MGR that helps repair stores around the world succeed. Please follow us for inspiration, updates, feedback and more. Here's where to find us.



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