System Update - July 2019 - Discover the latest updates to My Gadget Repairs

As always, our team’s core focus is to deliver a seamless experience for our users. We have been busy working on product improvements over the past month and wanted to share a few highlights.


  • -- Topaz Signature Pads
    • MGR now supports the Topaz signature pad for capturing electronic signatures. This will enable more convenient signature capture to make the verification process smoother for your users.
  • -- Preventive Maintenance Plan Colour
    • Enables you to select the colour of preventive maintenance plan for the calendar.
  • -- Disable System Payment Methods
    • We have added an option to disable system payment methods such as Cash, Credit Card (Offline), Cheque and other. If you are going to disable this please make sure that you have added custom payment methods as required.
  • -- Assign the tickets automatically to who creates it
    • We have added another option called "Assign tickets to who creates it" under "Assign tickets to" in the site settings. It will enable you to assign tickets to the same staff who creates it. 
  • -- Navigation Menu
    • You can now enable/disable each sub item of the main menu.
  • -- Preferred Languages
    • We have added an option to select preferred languages for customer portal. System will only allow these languages for customer portal.
  • -- Customer Portal Custom URL
    • Now you can set your own domain URL for customer portal. All the links in the emails for customer portal will be replaced with this URL, please make sure to use the code provided.
  • -- Sync Language Data across all shops
    • You can now sync language data across all the shops. Please use the sync shop settings, there is a new option called "Language Data".


  • Event/ Appointment Custom Colour
    • We have added the option to select a colour with each calendar entries which will override the default rule for colours, system then will check the the Attendees and use their calendar colours.
  • Month Agenda
    • New view called "Month Agenda" has been added to see the calendar interface. Depending on your schedule, you may want to see what you have planned for the entire month or just tackle your schedule day by day. With MGR Calendar, you can choose to view calendar information by day, by week, and by month. You can also get a list of calendar events using the Agenda view. 
  • Preventive Maintenance (PM)
    • All the appointments related with "Preventive Maintenance" will be listed on the calendar with the different colour, you can set the colour in the "Shop Settings".
  • Import Calendar Data
    • You can import events from other calendar applications, spreadsheets, databases, and text files. Currently, supported import formats include text files with comma-separated values (*.csv files).


  • Ticket Invoices
    • Preventive Maintenance (PM) / Service Plan (SP)
      • As soon as you add any product in the ticket which has "Preventative Maintenance Plan", system will automatically set the future appointments based on their schedule, please see the products section for more detail.


  • Preventive Maintenance (PM) / Service Plan (SP)
    • Preventive maintenance (or preventative maintenance) is maintenance that is regularly performed on a piece of equipment (product) to lessen the likelihood of it failing. Preventive maintenance involves the systematic inspection of equipment where potential problems are detected and corrected in order to prevent equipment failure before it happens. It is performed while the equipment is still working so that it does not break down unexpectedly. In terms of the complexity of this maintenance strategy, it falls between reactive (or run-to-failure) maintenance and predictive maintenance. Planning preventive maintenance without some automation can be a huge challenge.

      We have added 3 options in the product to determine if the product has the "Preventative Maintenance Plan", "Duration" of the plan and the frequency of the "Service Schedule" e.g..... Once enabled you can set the duration of the plan to "2 Years" and "Service Schedule" could be "Every 6 Months". When customer buys that product with a "Preventative Maintenance Plan", system with automatically add the future appointments for you.

      Time-based preventive maintenance is based on a fixed execution frequency that generates a calendar schedule. A time-based maintenance plan for an product/asset is based on a library with maintenance activities and their preset frequency of execution for that product/asset.

  • Manage Customer Groups Prices from product interface

    • You can now manage customer groups prices from the add / modify product interface, we have added a new tab called "Customer Groups", which will list all the customer groups this product is in and the discount you want to apply.

Customer Manager:

  • Account Manager
    • You can now associate account manage with each customer, the option is on the create/modify customer page. We have also added the "Account Manager" option in the search customer as well.
      • Import/Export has the option of account manager.
      • API end point has the option of account manager.
  • Multiple Address
    • You can now add multiple addresses to one customer and make one of them as primary address,
  • Payment Term Days - Corporate Account Functionality
    • There is now an option to set "Payment Term Days", which will set the invoice due date based on this field. Once set, then system will let you set the ticket status to “Resolved/Picked up” even if the shop setting “Paid invoice is required to "Resolve/Picked up” is enabled.
  • Customer Groups
    • Third Party Billing
      • With third party billing, someone else can be charged for orders and purchases by a customer group.

Customer Portal:

  • Account Manager
    • You can now see who is your account manager via the customer portal.
  • Payment Term Days
    • You can now see your "Payment Term Days", which will set the invoice expiry date by default.
  • Multiple Address
    • You can now add multiple addresses to one customer and make one of them as primary address,


  • Notification to customer 2 days before their invoice is due.
  • Notification to customer when the invoice has passed its due date.


  • POS Invoices
    • Preventive Maintenance (PM) / Service Plan (SP)
      • As soon as you sell any product which has "Preventative Maintenance Plan", system will automatically set the future appointments based on their schedule, please see the products section for more detail.

3rd-Party Integration:

  • VOIP/PBX Call Handling
    • The PBX Caller ID Lookup Source supports Trixbox, FreePBX, Anveo, PIAF, Vonage, FusionPBX/FreeSwitch, RingCentral and 3CX.
  • QuickBooks
    • Import data from QuickBooks, or keep your data synced from MGR to your QuickBooks.
  • Tech Data
    • Tech Data is one of the world’s largest technology distributors. They help companies like HP, Apple, Cisco, Microsoft — and hundreds of others — bring their products to market, and they offer a wide range of technical and business support services.
  • VIES VAT number validation
    • VIES (VAT Information Exchange System) is a search engine owned by the European Commission. The data is retrieved from national VAT databases when a search is made from the VIES tool.

Thank you for being part of MGR that helps repair stores around the world succeed. Please follow us for inspiration, updates, feedback and more. Here's where to find us.



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